Close your eyes & open all of your senses
Imagine a childhood filled with laughter, in a country where stories are told under the moon. Imagine a place filled with the sweetest mangoes; imagine, young boys, climbing the tallest trees to fetch for coconuts. Inhale what it feels like to have access to a blossoming cornfield in your own backyard. Listen to the footsteps of chickens and goats running wild together. Open your heart to the melodious sound of the roosters' rising song. Feel the exhilarating rush that comes with hide&seek, and imagine an abundance of love pouring from the summer rain. Imagine sharing your meal with your neighbor, even when they have enough to eat. Taste the aroma of your first culinary experience, created in charcoal burned recycled cans, with your favorite cousins, whom you’ve known your whole life. Imagine an old woman, jumping through handmade ropes, with her grandchildren, while holding her extremely elongated breasts from the 13 children she nursed into life. Imagine the endless adventures, locked inside of you, waiting to be shared with the world.

I come from a mysteriously magical land. I have treasured memories, locked inside of me, waiting to break free. I’ve created this space to release and relieve my dreams of my beloved Ayiti. My name is Zazou and this is my Lakou!